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Ray Minniecon, Red Dust Role Models

Thanks for your interest in those four courageous young men from Wadeye. The harsh reality that all Remote Communities face is to development leaders for the future of their communities. This demands immediate and radical action. I believe the path of this project is the right one for Wadeye.....It has been made with careful thought and support from the Elders, school, and families.

One incident that highlights the success of this program was “observing through the window” how the young kids were asking all types of questions, and positively interacting with them when the young men were left in the classroom alone with them. I think these four young men began to realise, in that classroom, that the challenge to leave their community for a time, in order to learn about their future leadership roles, was something they need to take seriously. It’s a big task and a big ask for them to leave their family and community and go south to get the education and experience necessary to be the type of leaders that will take Wadeye into the future.

It is well worth supporting and I wish it every success.!!!