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Tobias Nganbe

Tobias Ngardinithi Nganbe is a member of the Rak Klrnmu clan and their homeland is 20km north-west of Wadeye community on the coast.  He works at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Thamarrurr Catholic School and is responsible for education in the community.

Toby provides us with incredible guidance and support from Wadeye. He is held in high regard from people of all ages,culture and positions in society, with not much happening that he is not consulted on or directly involved in.

He is our eyes and ears,championing our program whenever possible,  providing letters of support and contact with sponsors on a regular basis.

Toby has family in our program and recently his grandson Nimit entered the foundation as a year 7 student at Bright P-12.

We would like to let everyone know how special he is to all of us and in particular our foundation, and thank him for his endless hours of volunteer support and encouragement.