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Western Cultural Development Program

Based in Bright, Victoria

Participants in the Thathangathay Leadership Program spend several months of each year of the program based at Bright, in Victoria's North East.

While in Bright, the Leadership Program male participants will live in a rammed earth house that they were involved in building and the female participants will live in the old pack backers complex. While living in Bright they will be involved in a range of sporting activities, participate in the Mt.Hotham School Ski Program and engage in a range of educational, health, employment and cultural learning initiatives. 

In particular, they will:

  • receive assistance completing their Education, undertake daily accelerated literacy support, complete first aid training and receive assistance in obtaining work related qualifications such as TAFE courses and industry specific competencies;
  • follow a health and fitness program free of drugs, alcohol and tobacco, undertake cooking lessons, learn about eating well and the damaging impact of substance abuse as well as train and play football with the local Bright Football Club;
  • work part time with local employers and the program facilitator, learning valuable skills for future employment. Participants will be responsible for meeting 50 per cent of their accommodation costs;
  • share their culture with schools in the region, strengthening their own cultural identity as well as gaining valuable cross cultural learning experiences through their engagement with the local community.
  • participate in mentoring and leadership programs with the Essendon Football Club and Red Dust Role Models.

The Bright community has been carefully chosen to provide a nurturing environment in a community setting that assists in making the participants feel included and supported. The Program Facilitator has strong connections to the area and the local community is very supportive of the Thathangathay Leadership Program. The township itself is a vibrant and popular tourist destination and will provide excellent opportunities for training in both tourism and trades.