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Indigenous Cultural Program

Thamarrurr region, Northern Territory- Thamurrurr People

This part of the program focuses on providing the participants with the cultural information necessary to enhance their development as Indigenous leaders. Whilst participants have a good grounding in their own culture, there is a lot for them to learn through appropriate channels.

The Foundation works closely with key community members to ensure appropriate cultural aspects of the program are adhered to. When home in the community, participants are given instruction through the appropriate traditional channels to ensure their cultural training is ,maintained.

Bright Region, NE Victoria -Dhudhuroa People

Our program spends a lot of time working and educating on the traditional lands of the Dhudhuroa people. We respect their ownership and connection to this area and work closely with them to support the education and understanding of the wider community. Both the Thamurrurr and Dhudhuroa communities support each other in the direction and actions of the foundation. Bright P-12 College is delivering educational programs that engage and reclaim the Dhudhuroa language with the support of Rebecca Crawley and the Murrinhpatha language.