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Indigenous Youth Support Programs

General program overview

The Foundation maintains and evolves the Strong Men Project and over recent times has introduced the Strong Women Initiative. Both projects engage participants in a variety of activities , both in their community at Wadeye in the Thamarrurr Region and at Bright in North East Victoria. Participants receive education, health and fitness training, employment and work place skills training, share their culture with other youth of the region, participate in mentoring programs as well as have the opportunity to play local sport.

There are three key programs offered by the Foundation:

Hospitality and Retail Training  – Through our partnerships with Dumu Balcony Cafe, and Murrinhpatha Nimmipa store, we are engaging participants in on the job training. The program necessitates that participants rotate between the two businesses and communities, continually learning and improving their skills in the industry. Participants are enrolled in Cert 3 in Hospitality and undertake training in coffee making, food preparing, customer service, financial management and cleaning duties through Dumu Cafe. In Wadeye, the participants are trained on site through employment and engagement with the store team. Each participant is mentored to ensure that everyone is working towards their successful transition into the workforce.

Educational program – Students are enrolled at Bright p-12 College in the most appropriate year level. Each student is assessed and provided with an ILP ( Individual Learning Program) designed to give them the most support possible in order to improve their Literacy and Numeracy. The Indigenous Education Co-coordinator works closely with the students to not only support their academic programs, but also to ensure their co-curricular and extra curricular programs are nurtured. The goal for each student is to work towards achieving mainstream academic levels. Further development can be pursued through extension programs or scholarships.

Building Program- Our Rammed Earth Building Program aims to develop skills and confidence in the field of construction. Participants are engaged in learning the skill of Rammed Earth (Pise) building with on site training. Many useful skills are achieved that can assist employment opportunities at home in Wadeye. Participants are supported in obtaining their skid steer license, appropriate site card and OH&S relevant qualifications.

Western Cultural Program

Based in Bright, Victoria

Participants in the Thathangathay Leadership Program spend several months of each year of the program based at Bright, in Victoria's North East.

While in Bright, the Leadership Program male participan...

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Indigenous Cultural Program

Thamarrurr region, Northern Territory- Thamurrurr People
This part of the program focuses on providing the participants with the cultural information necessary to enhance their development as Indigenous leaders. Whilst participa...

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Leadership Tours

Thamarrurr Region

During the course of the program, participants will partake in specific Leadership Programs. The Programs will be conducted throughout the year and can be undertaken in a variety of locations. Participants will combine...

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Rammed Earth

Rammed Earth Building Program

This program involves training participants in building in Rammed earth. Extensive training is undertaken in all areas of operation, including skid steer operation, set up processes, work safe pr...

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Over the past couple of years we have had the boys learning to ski at Mt Hotham. With the ongoing support and generosity from the Mt Hotham Lift Company, we have received lift and lesson passes for the ...

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