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Francis Kinthari

NARNDU - Francis Kinthari

Country: Nama
Totem: Goanna
Favourite Football Team: Carlton Blues

Francis was one of the early participants in our program and attended Bright P-12 College in years 9 and 10. Francis has a charismatic personality and was very popular at school where he developed a sound base of literacy and numeracy skills, as well as an impressive athletic record in sprinting. 

Upon returning to Wadeye Francis was employed in a number of roles, predominantly with the AFL NT as a trainee. His coaching skills as well as his natural football talent developed and he became a key player for Wadeye Magic.

In 2014 Francis and his partner Marjorie welcomed their little daughter Briana into the world. Francis has since returned to the program as a strong role model, playing senior football with Bright and working hard to improve his resume in the areas of construction and hospitality.