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Visit from Wangka group to Bright

22 Nov 2010 12:45 PM - Cultural sharing brings communities closer


Members of the Wangka (Won-ka) Cultural group from Wadeye, NT recently visited program participants in Bright engaging with the local community through dance, art and of course, football. The trip was supported by Kindred Spirits Foundation to enhance the cultural sharing of the communities. 

For many of the Group it was the first time they had left their territory let alone flown to the other side of the country into cold mountainous terrain!  A cultural display at the football ground, smoking ceremony and traditional dances at Bright P-12 College and at the Football ground were highlights of the trip.  

From Bright the Group returned to Melbourne, and in particular Essendon, where they were able to meet and engage with the Essendon Football Club, another great supporter of The Thathangathay Foundation.

The Group included dancers, artists and cultural leaders as well as members of the Thathangathay Foundation’s Advisory Committee who oversee the boys program.