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The Secret River Filming

10 Sep 2014 10:03 AM - ABC- The Secret River Filming
The mob with some other Indigenous extras
Jules being a movie star
Marjorie and Breanna
The boys enjoying a break from filming in Lakes Enterance
The girls enjoying some sunshine
In August the mob have been involved with the filming of the ABC mini-series, The Secret River. 

The mini-series is based on the novel by Australian author Kate Grenville, which follows the settlement of European convicts William and Sal Thornhill at the Hawksbury River, New South Whales. 
It explores the hostile history and conflict between the white settlers and the local Indigenous people of the Hawksbury River area. The filming took place on the banks of Lake Tyres in East Gippsland and then in Bundoora, Melbourne.

The mob were required as extras in the mini-series and made up the different local Indigenous groups that were traditional landowners of the Hawksbury River area. They were dressed in various costumes including traditional possum skin and grass nagas and performed in several different scenes. 
Some scenes included paddling in canoes, gathering bush tucker, traditional dancing and a massacre. 

This production has been a great opportunity for the mob to be involved in as the story exposes a significant part of Australia's history. It also have them the opportunity to meet and participate in scenes with some well-known Indigenous actors such as Trevor Jamieson (Rabbit Proof Fence), Frances Djulibing (Ten Canoes) and Leila Gurruwiwi (Marngrook Footy Show). 

Overall it has been a great experience for the mob to see and be a part of a film set in action and it has provided them an insight into another world.

The showing of the mini-series is yet to be announced but will be aired on the ABC at some stage next year. 

We will keep you posted!!