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The new Putak Centre

14 May 2012 2:40 PM -

In early July we will be building our facility in Wadeye, to be known as the Putak Centre, The facility will combine four very very small shops and a small flat.

The centre is going to be built of Rammed Earth and will provide about one months employment for four local boys who have been through the program and have the appropriate building skills.

The shops already have three tenants ready to go, and the other shop will be used as an office until it has an enterprise to fill it. We will have Gilly's Beecause honey, Alex's AFL merchandise shop and Chris's DVD shop just to get things going. The boys have worked hard on developing these businesses and despite having a long way to go to being completely viable, they have made impressive starts.

At the moment we have enough funds to build the two small buildings and are looking for a further $30 000 to fit them out and finish the project.

We are currently building a demo model in Harrietville, ironing out the design details as we go. This building should be completed in the next month and we will add photos as it progresses.