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Riverina Rammed Earth partners TF

22 Feb 2010 3:07 PM - The Thathangathay Foundation young men trained in rammed earth construction


In 2009 Riverina Rammed Earth was proud to become involved in the Thathangathay Program.

The Thathangathay Program was developed by Bright resident Justin Crawley and the Northern Territory Wadeye community elders. Justin, a teacher, has been working closely with the Wadeye community and developed the program to enable young men from the area to develop their skills and learn to live outside of their own community. The program, which focuses on indigenous aboriginals from remote communities, is designed to turn the young men of today into tomorrow’s leaders.

Participants selected for the program are given the opportunity to live in Bright and work, attend school and play AFL football for a few months of the year.

“As a part of developing their skills Justin approached us to assess our interest in training them in Rammed Earth Construction. It was not a hard decision” says Riverina Rammed Earth owner Tony Wright.

“Justin explained the program and the strict selection criteria and I could only see positives from being involved.”

“Once agreeing to be a part of the program we were keen to get started and the first group of young men to arrive were obviously as excited as we were.”

“After initial instruction and safety training the boys took to the work with such enthusiasm and commitment that they were a joy to work with. I have told the boys if ever they decide to move down this way I would be happy to employ them”.

“I was truly amazed at their capacity to learn and their positive attitudes. They were always smiling and laughing and I can say with all honesty it was really a pleasure to get to know these men and spend time withthem.” said Tony.

“The elders from Wadeye also payed us a visit during their time here and it is obvious they are heavily focused on their youth and the future of their community. The whole thing was such an amazing experience for everyone involved, I think I learned as much as they did.”

Riverina Rammed Earth is looking forward to working with Justin and the Thathangathay Program in the future.

“We hope to spend some time in the Wadeye community and complete some further training with these men on their home turf. We would also like to start a building program which can be handed over to these men along with the community elders once training is completed.” said Tony. This will enable these men to use the skills they have learned and be a positive influence on the community, becoming role models and passing on their skills to the next generation.

For more information on Riverina Rammed Earth contact Tony Wright, mobile (AUST) 0406 218 846.