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Opening of Dumu Balcony Cafe

11 Sep 2014 10:09 AM -
Merle, Karen and Francis
Fleur & Marjorie
Merle & Karen
Karen making coffee
Article in The Alpine Observer
Last week Bec Crawley and Marni Witts opened Bright's Dumu Balcony Cafe (Social Enterprise). 
Some of the mob are employed as staff members where they will learn valuable skills that they can take back with them on their return to Wadeye. 

The word Dumu means Black Duck in the Bright local language of Dhudhuroa. 

Dumu Balcony Cafe has a simple menu available which allows the mob to learn as they go without getting overwhelmed. 
Whilst at Dumu, they will learn how to prepare and cook food, waitress, make coffee and will be taught all the aspects of running a viable business.
Through working at Dumu we want to teach the kids to look at ways they can improve the business model and take this knowledge back to Wadeye for them to use in their community coffee shop and try and break the welfare mould. 

Currently Merle and Karen are undertaking school based work placement one day a week and some of the others work after school and on the weekends.  

All ingredients used in the cafe are locally produced, helping to promote local businesses but this will also teach the kids how to source local produce in Wadeye. 

STREAT coffee is used in cafe. 

The official opening of Dumu Balcony Cafe is on October 18th, but is currently open Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 8:30am to 4:30pm.