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Medibank/Red Dust Leadership Program

11 Nov 2012 9:17 AM -

On the 15th October we took part in a leadership program facilitated by Red Dust Role Models, for Medibank Private. For our part, we conducted the community connection component of the program, providing access to the community, visiting homes, experiencing traditional bush medicines and general relationships within the community.


The Medibank group visited most service providers, went out bush with the men/women and enjoyed the long drive from Darwin.


Darren from Red Dust put together a comprehensive program and teamed with the other facilitators delivering a quality experience.


It was fantastic for our foundation to be involved with a great group of people and the work done by Leon in representing the Thathangathay foundation and the Wadeye community was exceptional.   


When Medibank visited Wadeye, they were given some indigenous fabrics. Julianne, from Medibank, is a part of a sewing group, and with her fellow group members, they have embraced the opportunity to bring together their imaginations and creativity to create some truely unique and beautiful items. 

So far they have made:

  •      8 Aprons
  •      2 pairs of Boys shorts
  •      2 cushion covers (including inserts)
  •      2 Tote bags

They also have a few items in progress.

The intentions of this program are to send the items up to Bright, and have them sold at the local Bright markets. 

Keep an eye out for further information and photos of the amazing and unique creations.