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Cultural exchange wins Schools First Award

24 Nov 2010 11:15 AM - Learning in Two Worlds project earns Local Impact Award

'Learning in Two Worlds', the innovative cultural exchange to improve literacy and cultural awareness created by The Thathangathay Foundation in partnership with Bright P12 College, was recognised recently with a Local Impact Award from the NAB's Schools First program.

"This is a very good example of a collaborative and committed partnership brought together to improve the learning outcomes of students in two communities," said the judges.

"The activities are excellent and the outcomes tangible," they said.

The school sought to engage its Year 9 students and increase their understanding of the issues affecting Indigenous students. The Foundation wanted to identify and support young Indigenous leaders from the remote community of Wadeye. Together the cultural exchange was born.

A literacy project was organised and the Year 9 students involved from the Victorian school were taught some basic Murinh Patha by the Foundation to enable them to communicate, and share stories, with the younger children in the Wadeye community.

The students have benefited from increased awareness of the importance of literacy, improved school attendance, increased desire to learn more about Indigenous culture, greater self-confidence, and a strong desire to achieve. The Foundation has benefitted from cultural sharing and greater support from the local Wadeye community, who have a better understanding of the benefits of the cultural exchange in which their children are involved.

More information on the Schools First Awards is availble here.