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Beecause - latest news

14 May 2012 2:59 PM -

Gilly continues to grow his beekeeping business and despite it being a relatively poor season, he has made some great progress.

He undertook  training with Walkabout Apiaries in Milawa, gaining valuable experience in their harvest shed and local apiaries. During the training he aquired several new skills, including learning how to split and re-queen his hives.

He is building a new harvesting area in Harrietville to allow him to expand his operation and increase his yield. He has been selling his honey at local NE Victorian market - "make it,bake it, grow it", at the Murrinhpatha Nimmipa store and the Essendon Football Club. His greatest challenge is to produce more honey as his markets are demanding more product.

He has been looking at the concept of providing wax to the Thamarrurr Ranges for the to use in their cosmetic range, with the first sample proving to be of a good quality.

Gilly will begin boxing native hives this dry season at Perederr.