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Foundation Profile

The Thathangathay Foundation is a not for profit organisation committed to improving the lives of the indigenous people of the Thamarrurr Region through education, improved health and leadership. It is driven from the inside out with direction and involvement coming from the Elders of the community working together with the CEO, Justin Crawley and TF team. 


  • Thamarrurr community Elders
  • Advisory Committee (two members of each dance group)
  • Executive Officer – Justin Crawley
  • Community Leader – Leon Kintharri (future position)
  • Volunteers

The Thathangathay Advisory Committee

The Thathangathay Advisory Committee was established to oversee the running of the Foundation's program. The Advisory Committee has six members, one man and one woman representing each of the three ceremonial groups in the Wadeye Community.

Advisory Committee

Kevin Bunduck – President

Leon Kintharri- Vice President

Dominica Lantjin – Secretary

Freda Bunduck - Treasurer

Irene Chula – General member

Aloysius Lantjin – General member

The Advisory Committee is responsible for selecting participants to the program, providing cultural guidance to the participants and assessing participants suitability for continuation in the program. This committee also reports and answers directly to the Elders of the community, providing a strong and necessary cultural hierarchy and reporting system.

Key Personnel

Name: Justin Crawley
Position: CEO / Program Facilitator
Team: Essendon
B.App.Sci (Physical Education)

Justin lived and worked in the Wadeye community from 2003/04 and 2007/08 . He worked in the community education system running the O.L.S.H Thamurrurr Catholic Schools physical education program and later as the Head of the O.L.S.H Thamurrurr Secondary Campus. Justin is well known, trusted and respected in the Wadeye Community.

Name: Leon Kintharri
Position: Cultural Development Manager

Leon Kintharri, Thamarrurr Ranger, will be engaged to provide intensive cultural learning for the participants while they are at home in Wadeye.  Leon is well respected within his community. He has worked in the community as a teaching assistant, sport and recreation officer and currently as Thamarrurr Ranger.